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Pair of Cycladic marble legs

Late Spedos c. 2500-2400 BC

Private collection (R.A.) London, given as a gift by John Hewett (1919-1994) in the late 1970s

John Hewett was a leading antiquities dealer in post-war London, he was advisor to the Sainsbury Collection, and was also friends with collector George Ortiz.


The figure broken across the top of the legs, through the incised pubic triangle which is bisected by the apex of the deep cleft between the legs which part just below the knees. A ridge on the inside of the surviving leg suggests they would have rejoined at the ankle. Grooves to the side and back at the knees and to the front at the junction of the foot and leg. Shallow incisions define the toes and the buttocks.

The slender elegance of the legs suggest a possible attribution to the Schuster sculptor.

Height: 10 cm

Pair of Cycladic marble legs