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Greek black-figure neck amphora attributed to the Three-Line Group

Greek black-figure neck amphora attributed to the Three-Line Group

Attic, c. 500 BC

Height: 40 cm


The A side is decorated with the scene of a departing warrior. Standing behind his

quadriga, the warrior, wearing a helmet with tall plume, takes leave of his white haired

father, his charioteer waits next to him holding the reins of the four horses. A small boy

stands in front of the horses.


Side B shows the god Hephaistos, seated sidesaddle on the back of an ithyphallic mule,accompanied by satyrs on his journey back to Mount Olympus after exile. The twodrunken Dionysian revelers dance in front and behind the god.


The neck is adorned with a double lotus-palmette chain, the shoulder bears a tongue

pattern. Below the scenes are bands of lines, key pattern, an upright lotus bud chain and rays.


Provenance: Private collection Switzerland, acquired between 1970 and 1980


Literature: A comparable neck amphora attributed to the Leagros Group is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (accession number 41.162.179). A very similarly decorated amphora, also with a quadriga scene, was sold at Christie's, New York, 8 July 2004.


This piece comes with a thermoluminescence test report from Oxford Authentication

confirming its antiquity.


Conditon: Intact. Tension cracks at the base of the handles and some loss of glaze on the base. Added colours well preserved


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