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Tutankhamun: The Original Photographs

Tutankhamun: The Original Photographs

Published by Rupert Wace Ancient Art 
Written and Edited by Christina Riggs

Designed by The Burlington Magazine

Printed by Gomer Press, Wales

118 pages

ISBN 978–0–9575064–4–2


The discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun in November 1922 fascinated newspaper readers around the world-and photographs played a crucial role in bringing the tomb's treasures to life.  This book captures the excitement of the excavation through a collection of original 1920s press photos, including many taken by photographer Harry Burton to record the tomb and its antiquities. 


For the first two year of the work on site, one newspaper-the London Times-had an exclusive contract with archeaologist Howard Carter and his sponsor, the Earl of Carnarvon.  Made to sell on to other newspapers, these prints show the story Carter and Carnarvon wanted to tell. But they show another story too-about the British Empire's influence in the Midlle East, Egypt's new independence, and the efforts of both British anad Egyptian excavators put into this remarkable find. 


Illustrating all 148 photographs in the collection, and with an introductory essay by Christina Riggs, Tutankhamun: The Original Photographs marks an important new contribution to our understanding of Tutankhamun's tomb and its legacy. 


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