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Egyptian rhomboidal palette

Egyptian rhomboidal palette

Predynastic Period, Naqada I-II,4200-3250 BC

Length: 37.5 cm


Bearing old collection number in white 'No.171-4'.


Provenance: Joseph Klein Collection, USA acquired between 1941 and 1980 and thence by descent


Large broad example of roughly rhomboidal form with slightly convex profile. The face dished from use. Score marks on the surface particularly of the back from original finishing process.


Literature: For a similarly elongated rhomboidal palette see Lawrence M. Berman, with Kenneth J. Bohac, Patricia S. Griffin and Bruce Christman; introduction by Arielle P. Kozloff, 'The Cleveland Museum of Art; Catalogue of Egyptian Art' (Cleveland, 1999) p. 114, fig. 58. Also 'Kemet alle Sorgenti del Tempo', Ravenna 1998, p.160, no. 64. Another example is on display in the Antiken Museum, Basel (acquisition number BSAe949).



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