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Egyptian sarcophagus wood fragment

Egyptian sarcophagus wood fragment

21st dynasty, 1077-943 BC

H. 45 cm. B. 17 cm.


Provenance: Private Danish collection, acquired 1919, and thence by descent


An Egyptian sarcophagus wood fragment, painted in colours and lacquered on both sides with a mummy and hieroglyphs.


According to Dr.Peter Lacovara, the vertical hieroglyphic text reads nTr (aA) p(A) dwA.t. 'Great god of the Netherworld,' who might be Ir-ren-ef-djes-ef ("He who made his own name"). He was one of the four companions of the four sons of Horus and probably would have been next to one of them on the inside of the coffin. There would have been a pair or three figures depending on how deep it was, and whether it was an inner or outer coffin.


This was acquired by seller's paternal grandparents on a honeymoon to Egypt after their wedding on the 19th of November 1919 and has been in the family's ownership ever since. The grandfather was an esteemed and respected farmer, working all his life as tenant for a large estate, Tybjerggård.





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