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Study of 'Derr Nubia'

Study of 'Derr Nubia'

English School, 19th century

Dimensions: 13.8 x 25.8 cm

Framed Dimensions: 23 x 32.7 cm

Titled 'Derr Nubia' and dated '8 Jany 1862', bottom left-hand corner.


Study from the sketchbook, 'Sketches in the East', of 'J.D.T', an as yet unidentified English watercolour artist. The rock-hewn nature of Ramesses II's temple of Derr is apparent in this study. A number of these temples were built during the 30th year of Ramesses' reign to celebrate his Sed festival (a jubilee ceremony marking the 30th anniversary of a ruler's reign). The original remote location of the building would suggest that this example was primarily built to demonstrate the his power.

This was one of the numerous monuments moved as a result of the threat of flooding by the rising waters of Lake Nasser. It was dismantled in 1964 and moved a few miles south, close to the temple of Amada. 



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