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Watercolour study of an Egyptian Temple

Watercolour study of an Egyptian Temple

By Winifred Mabel Brunton (1880-1952)

English School, Early 20th century

Dimensions: 36 x 27 cm. Framed dimensions: 50.5 x 40.2 cm

Signed with initials 'WMNB' (Winifred Mabel Newberry Brunton) and dated '1912' on the rock in the foreground.


Watercolour on paper of a colossal seated figure flanking the entrance from the peristyle courtyard into the hypostyle hall of the temple. 


Winifred Brunton (1880-1959) was the South African wife of British Egyptologist Guy Brunton, who excavated at Lahun with Flinders Petrie, later serving as Assistant Keeper of the Cairo Museum. Winifred illustrated many of the finds for her husband's excavation reports and was responsible for the 'portraits' which fill the two volumes, 'Kings and Queens of Ancient Egypt' (1926) and 'Great Ones of Ancient Egypt' (1929). Today these books are highly collectible for the illustrations.

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